Don’t have time for working out in the mornings? Don’t worry. The nighttime workouts provide amazing benefits. If you have got your morning mojo working for you, keep up your a.m. exercise by all means. But for those of you who dread waking up in the mornings and have more energy at night, here are top 6 reasons to join the club of evening exercisers.

1. You Can Exercise Harder For Longer

exercise harder for longer

It turns out that your body is most ready later in the day. A study found that muscular function and strength peak in the late hours, in addition to oxygen uptake and utilization. It means you can make Kanye West proud and go harder, better, faster, stronger.

2. You Can Be More Social

social exercising

Morning exercisers are not a chatty bunch, understandably. They are rushing to fit in a sweat sesh before an early meeting or class. There is no time to compare notes on best instructors or strike up a chat about where someone scored their cool kicks. But late-night exercisers often make the gym their only evening plan, so they have got the time to be social. Among this chatty crowd, it is easier to find workout buddies, weight-room spotters, or just a shared smile over a grueling class.

3. You Can Let Out Anger From A Tough Day

let out anger

Everyone has those moments like dealing with a dictatorial boss, a frustrating beloved one, or a traffic chaos where you just want to punch something. Exercising at night will help you deal with all that rage, so you do not take all that anger to bed with you.

4. You Will Have Calmer Mornings

calmer mornings

Not having to pack your workout bag, work bag, stuff them both in a locker, and then squeeze in your training before running to the office (or school) means you will have a less rushed morning. You might even have time for a regular breakfast instead of just taking a granola bar on-the-go. And the best part? No more 2-minute gym showers! Take your time in the evening. Or maybe enjoy the sauna.

5. You Can De-Stress

de stress

Not all your workouts have to be full-throttle sweat fests. An evening yoga class can be precisely what you need to let go of stress so you can really unwind and unplug. Yin and Restorative yoga are the workout versions of a post-work glass of wine.

6. You Can Sleep Better

sleep better

Some studies have found that exercising at night will make it harder to fall asleep, but a lot of other studies found that people who lifted weights at night had a higher duration and quality of sleep than those who did the same workout in the morning. Therefore, while it might take you a couple more minutes to conk out, you will sleep better.


Instead of strapping on stilettos, you can lace up your cross-trainers and hit another kind of club – the health club. People strolling by may feel sorry for you. But here’s the truth: You’ll love it! My evening sweat fests too were not only one of the most intense workouts I have ever done, but they were also the most beneficial and fun. You have to try and feel the awesome benefits of exercising at night!

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