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This is the last part of the 3-part series where I showed you how you can get into the best shape of your life by following a 3 step formula.  These steps helped me lose over 15kg when I started my weight loss journey after pregnancy.

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I explained in my previous post how your mindset is the most important aspect of this journey followed by ensuring to eat on a regular and consistent pattern.  I also showed you in post 2 the top 10 foods you can start incorporating in your meals to accelerate fat burn.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and say to yourself; yes, I’m going to the gym this evening but later find out you can’t anymore. You’re either too tired or simply just want to relax after a long day.

Personally I think it’s the worst time ever to considering going gym. I mean, your evening should be a time to relax with family and kids, enjoy dinner together and maybe watch a movie.

Do it in the morning straight after you wake up!

As part of your morning routine, I highly recommend a 20 min workout to boost your system. Additionally, working out in the morning is proven to burn 20% more calories on an empty stomach.  I’m sure if you want fast results, this is a no brainer!

Why Should You Work Out in The Morning?

here are 10 good reasons to compel you to do so from now on.

  1. Working out in the morning will force you to eat healthy – you’ve started on a good foot, why destroy your hard work?
  2. You will feel ready for work or the day ahead.
  3. You can brag to your friends and tell them you’ve worked out!
  4. It will increase your appetite and force you to take your breakfast seriously. You’d be surprised how many people skip breakfast.
  5. You will burn more fat by up to 20%.
  6. It will increase your endorphins level which will make you happier for the rest of the day.
  7. You will have more energy to work out in the morning since you’ve had sleep. This is a much better option than doing so after a long day of work.
  8. You will increase your metabolism and burn more calories during the day.
  9. You will be more productive.
  10. You will feel healthy and empowered and this is going to push you to do even more to get to your goals.

How To Burn Fat by Optimising Your Heart Rate

I know a lot people don’t really know what type of workout to follow to maximise fat burn. This happens because there’s so many things being thrown at us all the time.  X magazine will say run for 1 hour or do weight training etc… But the more you read, the more confusing and overwhelming it becomes.  You end up knowing less than you hoped for.

To lose weight and burn fat fast, you must increase your heart rate. But this will depend on your age. So someone who is 20 years old will need to adjust their heart rate to something different than someone who might be older.

Take a look at the table below and make note of your age bracket. In order to burn fat, you want to push yourself to about 60% to 70% intensity level.

heart rate diagram
I’ve tried plenty of workouts and none come close to HIIT, when it’s about burning fat!Let’s see how you can increase your heart rate to that zone and get the results you are after.

Imagine being able to ditch the gym and hours on the treadmill and workout only 20 min.


What if I told you by doing this type of workout, you will be burning fat even after your workout is finished for hours and hours.  Sounds too good to be true right? I thought the same first but this is 100% true. It’s called the after burn effect. This usually happens if you take up high intensity activities.

Now combine it with a Detox and follow a weekly eating plan, you have the perfect combination to reach your goal fast. This is a bullet proof formula guaranteed to work.

Obviously depending on your current fitness level, you will need to adapt. But HIIT can be catered for beginners to advanced level. Personally if you haven’t done this type of workout before, I would stick to beginner level workout and work my way up.

The main idea being increasing your heart rate significantly in the 60 to 70 percent region to promote fat burn.

With that said, here are few HIIT workout you can follow along.

HIIT Workout for Everyone

HIIT workout – beginner level

HIIT workout – medium level

HIIT workout – High level


If you are looking for an in depth easy to follow program, I would recommend you check out our Meal plan + FREE HIIT Ebook which goes into much more details on the different types of workouts you can do at home!

hiit max 3

Losing weight and leaving an active lifestyle is not a 2 weeks fad. You need to continually challenge yourself and keep going for the long run.

If you followed the 3 step I outlined in this 3 posts series, you should be a very good mental state to achieve your goal.  If this doesn’t work, it can only mean 1 thing!! You haven’t conditioned yourself properly as I showed you in post 1.  Go back to it and just do it…deal?

Tell us your progress

Please let us know by leaving a comment below how you are doing with your weight loss journey.  This is an excellent way for keeping yourself motivated by being part of a community. I hope to see you there!