You don’t need to wait until New Year’s to begin transforming your body. The best way to achieve your goals is to start now with this killer program.

In the middle of the holiday parade filled with treats, desserts, and alcohol, your fitness goals can be as easy to put off as your uncle’s leftover cake.

The “black hole” week between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to produce max speed and go into the new year like a wrecking ball. (Now sing).

With that in mind, prepare yourself for this killer 7-day program to enter 2017 with a sharpened body and mind.

The Workout Program

the workout program nutrition fitnessDuring this short-but-effective program, you will find a motivational training for each day that will help you focus and empower you to tackle your resolutions. Nevertheless, do this workout only for this one week, since it is very intense.

The first exercise of each day is a diagnostic workout that allows you assess your 2016 strength gains. For each benchmark move, you will do 3 warm-up sets. That way you will build up to a weight at which you can do precisely 7 reps – no more, no less.

  • Day #1

Tip of the day: Focus on building up your form. Training books and Nutrition N Fitness’s FREE diet plan are great resources that will help you shape your body. One helpful thing you can do is to take video recordings of yourself performing particular exercises. You would be surprised by what you will catch on the video.

The key is to be ambitious and open to suggestions from coaches and friends. They will help you achieve your goal.

  • Day #2

Tip of the day: Find a coach. It doesn’t matter if the coach will be someone who knows his stuff on YouTube or so, you need a coach who will constantly push you forward, motivation-wise. If you are having trouble finding one, think about who you think has the best abs, chest (or whatever) around.

Once you have identified that person, find out how they developed their abs, and emulate their programming. Consult with that person regularly so you can see where to make changes or improvements to your training. However, you must learn your body well and what it needs since everything is individual.

  • Day #3

Tip of the day: Identify the barriers that stand between you and your goals. It will be different for everyone. It might be as simple as getting up 20 minutes earlier to do your cardio, or as hard as getting rid of negative people. So look at yourself in the mirror, call out on what is pulling you back, and take control of it.

  • Day #4

Tip of the day: Make SMART goals. Goals are tricky since they need some reflection and editing. Do it in the SMART way:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relative
  • Time-bound

Fo example, saying, “I will lose weight” is too broad and unclear to be attainable. Instead, saying, “In 2017, I will add 20 kg to my squat in 6 months” is much more attainable. You are more likely to strive those goals when they are defined well.

  • Day #5

Tip of the day: Determine a budget for your fitness goals. Workout clothing, gym memberships, food, and supplements are the expenses linked with fitness that can be significant. So take into account your other expenses, and your income too, and then calculate all of your workout-related expenses.

This way you will know how to budget the items needed each month without “over-training” your credit card. You may find that things like new workout clothing can wait until later, while items like food and supplements are necessary immediately.

  • Day #6

Tip of the day: Make a list, take the budget you determined yesterday and go grocery shopping. Purchase your groceries, supplements, and other equipment for the coming week. It’s good to consult with a personal trainer for the supplements you need.

  • Day 7

Tip of the day: Learn to cook. No one is Jamie Oliver right out of the gate, but you will definitely need to cook more at home if you are serious about your 2017 goals (and you are).

Spend the day preparing and cooking all your food for the coming week. Search recipes that you can portion separately. Plus, use only whole foods to fuel your and workouts.

For example, make large batches of chicken, rice, and steak, and parcel them out into separate packages for the coming week. That way, when it’s time to eat, there’s no guesswork or hunting around.


And you are done with this program! Use this to generate strength and propel you into 2017 with force, then resume your regularly scheduled programming after 1st January.

See how far you have come again by the end of 2016 and thank me later. And don’t forget to download my FREE diet plan.

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