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Losing weight is not about strict dietary limitations, staying unhealthily thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. It’s about feeling excellent, improving your outlook, having more energy, and improving your mood.

The right foods boost the hormones that do all of the things mentioned above. The right-eating strategy will increase energy, mood, metabolism, and your brain power. Read on to learn how:

1. Eat Healthy Fats, Lean Protein, Low-Glycemic Carbs And Fiber

This approach will keep your blood sugar stable, your energy up, and will boost the glucagon that burns fat. If you add fiber to each meal will also increase adiponectin, a hormone that regulates glucose levels.

It is also important if you take a regular protein supply throughout the day because it boosts the hormones that help you burn fat (glucagon) and those that control your appetite and make you feel full. Moreover, the essential amino acids in almonds and leafy greens can’t be produced by our body, so they must be a crucial component of our diet.

healthy fats lean protein fiber


2. Avoid Starchy Carbohydrates At Breakfast

Stick to a high-protein breakfast which will increase thyroid hormone and will set your dopamine levels for the day. This means you will enjoy better appetite control and will stay craving-free. It means bread, cereal, bagels, and so on, are off limits. The first couple of days may feel hard and challenging, but it will quickly become second nature.

avoid bread cereal bagels

3. Eat A Completely Carb-Free Breakfast To Burn Fat

Skipping carbs-containing foods at breakfast helps to keep you in the same fat-burning state that happens during the night and lasts until your first carb meal of the day. I do not usually recommend this right away when you start to lose weight – I like to save it as a tune up for later use. You may want to pitch in the carb-free breakfast if you feel your results are slowing down or if you have hit a weight-loss plateau.

4. Eat Three Or Four Times A Day

You’ve probably heard about the importance of eating three square meals per day, and that’s true. If you consume enough proteins, avoid excess carbs at breakfast and eat regularly, you can avoid mess up the hormones that maintain your weight. But if you wait too long between meals, skip meals, fail to consume enough protein, or don’t eat the right foods, your body will experience more spikes and dips than it should. That will throw your hormones, such as cortisol and insulin, out of whack.

eating four times per day

5. Eat A Starchy Carb After 4 P.M.

The idea of eating your carbs early because you will have a better chance of burning them off could, in fact, be setting you up for cravings during the day. Eating starchy carbs – like potatoes or beans – early in the day builds cravings for them later. So I recommend you eat only one with your last meal.

Do not combine your starchy carb choosing with fruit in your evening meal. At this time, that carb will raise your serotonin levels, which aids with sleep. And sleep is one of the best fat-burning activities if we create the optimum conditions for it.

6. Eat A Cheat Meal Once A Week

Why a cheat meal? A continuous caloric restriction is not an effective long-term fat-loss solution. It is just not sustainable. The short-term wins achieved with that type of eating are followed by rebound weight gain. Whether we like it or not, the hormones will kick in to return our body to its status quo.

A cheat meal serves to boost your thyroid hormone and boost your metabolism. Introducing a weekly cheat meal keeps your metabolism assumpting and, in fact, increases your long-term success. It prevents cravings and hunger and refuels your energy stores, particularly glycogen, which helps maintain strength and endurance for your workouts.

cheat meal once week

7. Go For The Hormone-Boosting Foods

Certain foods contain additional hormone boost properties that you should include in your diet such as:

  • Nuts, especially walnuts, as a natural fat source.
  • Pears. Have them a few times per week as your carb selection at a meal.
  • Low-fat cheese. It is a protein source to consume at least once daily if you can tolerate dairy.
  • Whey protein. It should be the protein source for your after 4 p.m. meal (options include whey protein powder, ricotta cheese, Greek yoghurt, and protein bars with whey protein).
  • Olive oil. It’s my favourite choice for breakfast. It boosts adiponectin and shrinks the size of the fat cells.
  • Tomato juice. The natural acidic quality of this drink offers you weight-loss benefits. It boosts adiponectin when consumed once per day, therefore, it can reduce belly fat.
  • Blueberries. It appears that blueberries are the only fruit that stimulates the release of adiponectin hormone which boosts metabolism, improves insulin sensitivity, and reduces the risk of heart disease and inflammation. One cup per day will do the trick.

8. Eat Fresh, Locally Grown Organic Produce

Whenever you can pick organic or wild sources of fish, meat, dairy, and eggs, which are free of hormones, hormone-disrupting additives, and pesticides.

organic food

9. Drink Two Glasses Of Water Before Each Meal

Studies show that those who stick to this habit lose more weight in 10 weeks than those who do not.

10. Pay Attention To Your Cravings

If your diet is hormonally balanced, then you should not have cravings. An out-of-control appetite or desire for something sweet typically means you are not consuming enough protein, are eating too many carbs, or are sleep deprived or stressed out.


Follow these tips, and you will boost your weight-loss hormones. Just make the right eating strategy and don’t forget to regularly exercise. That way you will feel more energized, will have a better body image, and will have an increased metabolism and brain power.

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