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When starting a weight loss diet, we tend to focus only on the foods we are consuming and the calories we are burning. We should also be cautious in the calories we consume in the form of drinks. A lot of drinks can help us lose weight, but we still tend to drink those that contain plenty of sugar and calories that are harmful to our body.

Here is a list of the top 5 drinks that will help you lose weight:

  1. Water

glass of water nutritionnfitnessThe number 1 drink for weight loss – pure and simple. Studies found that drinking water before eating will cause you to eat less during the meal. Also, drinking water in particular iced water will, in fact, stimulate your metabolism, increasing the number of calories you burn. Increasing your water intake by 2 glasses per day can lead to a 30% boost in metabolic rate.
It is also important to drink a lot of water for many other reasons. Even slight dehydration may lead to a lack of energy, poor skin, constipation and poor concentration. It is also the only drink that is free, so there is no excuse not to drink up.

  1. Green Tea

You will burn around 40% more fat by drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea daily





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Also, green tea contains caffeine which increases your fat-burning metabolism. Green tea is also a diuretic which flushes out excess water weight.




  1. Vegetable Juice

vegetable juices nutritionnfitnessVegetable juices provide all the natural benefits of fruit juices but with fewer calories. Vegetables are naturally lower in sugar than fruit, and so are their juices. A cup of natural vegetable juice provides only around 50 calories, while the equivalent in fresh orange juice provides around 130, over twice as many calories. Look for entirely natural vegetable juices with added fibre that will keep you full for longer. Or, even better, squeeze your own, that way you know precisely what is going in it.

  1. Yoghurt-Based Smoothies

yogurt based smoothies nutritionnfitnessThe thickness itself of the smoothie will kill your appetite. A study showed that you could lose 61 % more fat and 81 % more belly fat when you add yoghurt to your diet. It is because the calcium in the yogurt helps you burn fat while reducing the amount of fat your body can make. Try to put the healthier Greek Yogurt in your smoothies along with adding whey protein and fruit to give your smoothies more weight loss power.

  1. Whey Protein

Whey protein aids you in losing more fat and maintaining more lean muscle while on a weight loss diet. Also, whey protein helps you in releasing a lot of cholecystokinins (CCK) which is an appetite suppressing hormone. In one study, people ate a lot less when they drank whey protein 90 minutes before eating. Whey protein can also help regulate blood sugar and insulin. Whey protein along with other high protein foods is highly thermogenic meaning your body has to work super hard to digest it.

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